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Que. A 10 cm diameter steam pipe, carrying steam at 180°C, is covered with an insulation (conductivity = 0.6 W/m.°C). It losses heat to the surroundings at 30°C. Assume a heat transfer co-efficient of 0.8 W/m².°C for heat transfer from surface to the surroundings. Neglect wall resistance of the pipe and film resistance of steam. If the insulation thickness is 2 cms, the rate of heat loss from this insulated pipe will be
a. greater than that for uninsulated steam pipe.
b. less than that of the uninsulated steam pipe.
c. equal to that of the uninsulated steam pipe.
d. less than the steam pipe with 5 cms insulation.
Correct Answer:less than that of the uninsulated steam pipe.
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