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Que. A rod of 3 cm diameter and 20 cm length is maintained at 100 degree Celsius at one end and 10 degree Celsius at the other end. These temperature conditions are attained when there is heat flow rate of 6 W. If cylindrical surface of the rod is completely insulated, determine the thermal conductivity of the rod material
a. 21.87 W/m degree
b. 20.87 W/m degree
c. 19.87 W/m degree
d. 18.87 W/m degree
Correct Answer:18.87 W/m degree
Azeem :(July 06, 2021) Exaplain in detail step by step
please send me the solution
Send the solution
Sir solution send me

Trushi :(April 03, 2022) Explain the answer

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