Statement: The government is making efforts to boost tourism in State X.

I. Tourism in State X dropped following political unrest.
II. Special discounts in the air fare have been announced.


Only assumption I is implicit


Only assumption II is implicit


Either I or II is implicit


Neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: (d).Neither I nor II is implicit

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Q. Statement: The government is making efforts to boost tourism in State X. Assumptions: I. Tourism in State X dropped following political unrest. II. Special discounts in the...

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Q. Statement: "Best way to solve this problem of workers' dissatisfaction is to offer them cash rewards. If this type of incentive can solve the problem in CIDCO Company then why not here." - A Personnel Manager tells the Chairman of a company.

I. The reason for workers' dissatisfaction in both the companies was similar.
II. Monetary incentives have universal appeal.

Q. Statement: The General Administration Department has issued a circular to all the employees informing them that henceforth the employees can avail their lunch break at any of the half-hour slots between 1.00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m.

I. The employees may welcome the decision and avail lunch break at different time's slots.
II. There may not be any break in the work of the organization as the employees will have their lunch break at different time slots.

Q. Statement: Lock your valuables in a cupboard and call everybody gentleman.

I. Valuables locked in cupboard cannot be stolen.
II. Stealing is a crime.

Q. Statement: "The function will start at 3 P.M. You are requested to take your seats before 3 P.M." - Last sentence in an invitation card.

I. If the invitee is not in his seat before 3 P.M., the function will not start.
II. Function will start as scheduled.

Q. Statement: The two countries have signed a fragile pact, but the vital sovereignty issue remains unresolved.

I. The two countries cannot have permanent peace pact.
II. The two countries may become hostile again after a short spell of time.

Q. Statement: Government aided schools should have uniformity in charging various fees.

I. The Government's subsidy comes from the money collected by way of taxes from people.
II. The Government while giving subsidy may have stipulated certain uniform conditions regarding fees.

Q. Statement: A's advice to B - "If you want to study Accounts, join Institute Y."

I. Institute Y provides good Accounts education.
II. B listens to As advice.

Q. Statement: "You must learn to refer to dictionary if you want to become a good writer." - A advises B.

I. Only writers refer to the dictionary.
II. All writers, good or bad, refer to the dictionary.

Q. Statement: It is through participative management policy alone that indiscipline in our industries can be contained and a quality of life ensured to the worker.

I. Quality of life in our industries is better.
II. Indiscipline results in poor quality of life.

Q. Statement: A line in an advertisement in a newspaper - "You really get your money's worth when you buy from our shop."

I. Other shops price goods above their worth.
II. People want full value for their money.

Q. Statement: The next meeting of the Governing Board of the Institute will be held after one year.

I. The Institute will remain in function after one year.
II. The Governing Board will be dissolved after one year.

Q. Statement: The 'M' Cooperative Housing Society has put up a notice at its gate those sales persons are not allowed inside the society.

I. All the sales persons will stay away from the 'M' Cooperative Housing Society.
II. The security guard posted at the gate may be able to stop the sales persons entering the society.

Q. Statement: What a fool I am to rely on trickster like Shaleen !

I. Shaleen is unreliable.
II. I am a fool.

Q. Statement: The multinational fast food chains are opening up a large number of Plus Coffee Shops with piped modern music in different cities of India and these are serving various breakfast (snax) with coffee.

I. A large number of persons may become regular customers of these coffee shops.
II. The people will like to enjoy the comfortable environment while drinking coffee with snax.

Q. Statement: Market trends are changing continuously and with increasing competitiveness, the consumer's demands with respect to the prices and quality are gradually increasing.

I. The consumers did not care for the prices and quality earlier.
II. Market competitiveness is not favourable for the consumers.

Q. Statement: The school authorities have decided to increase the number of students in each classroom to seventy from the next academic session to bridge the gap between the income and the expenditure to a large extent.

I. The income generated by way of fees of the additional students will be sufficient enough to bridge the gap.
II. The school will get all the additional students in each class from the next academic session.

Q. Statement: All the employees are notified that the organisation will provide transport facilities at half cost from the nearby railway station to the office except those who have been provided with travelling allowance.

I. Most of the employees will travel by the office transport.
II. Those who are provided with travelling allowance will not read such notice.

Q. Statement: The government has decided to hold the employers responsible for deducting tax at source for all its employees.

I. The employers may still not arrange to deduct tax at source for its employees.
II. The employees may not allow the employers to deduct tax at source.

Q. Statement: Whenever you have any doubt on this subject, you may refer to the book by Enn and Enn.

I. The book by Enn and Enn is available.
II. There is no other book on this subject.

Q. Statement: I can take you quickly from Kanpur to Lucknow by my cab but then you must pay me double the normal charges,

I. Normally, it will take more time to reach Lucknow from Kanpur.
II. People want to reach quickly but they will not pay extra money for it.

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