Statement: The situation of this area still continues to be tense and out of control. People are requested to be in their homes only.

I. There had been some serious incidents.
II. People will not go to the office.
III. Normalcy will be restored shortly.


Only I is implicit


Only I and II are implicit


None is implicit


Only I and III are implicit

Answer: (b).Only I and II are implicit

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Q. Statement: The situation of this area still continues to be tense and out of control. People are requested to be in their homes only. Assumptions: I. There had been some...

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Q. Statement: "Television X - the neighbour's envy, the owner's pride" - A T.V. advertisement.

I. Catchy slogans appeal to people.
II. People are envious of their neighbours superior possessions.
III. People want to be envied by their neighbours.

Q. Statement: Keeping in view the financial constraints, the management institution has decided to charge at the time of providing employment in various organisations, a placement fee of Rs. 25000 from the organisations in which the student will be provided the employment.

I. It will help in increasing the demand of the students belonging to the management institution.
II. The amount collected in this way will be purposeful.
III. It may be possible that the organisation providing employment may select less number of students in future.

Q. Statement: "Z-T.V, the only T.V. which gives the viewers a chance to watch two programmes simultaneously." - An advertisement.

I. Sale of Z-T.V will increase because of the advertisement.
II. Some people may be influenced by the advertisement and buy Z-T.V.
III. The sale of Z-T.V. may be on the downward trend.

Q. Statement: The Central Government has directed the State Governments to reduce government expenditure in view of the serious resource crunch and it may not be able to sanction any additional grant to the states for the next six months.

I. The State Governments are totally dependent on Central Government for its expenditures.
II. The Central Government has reviewed the expenditure account of the State Government.
III. The State Governments will abide by the directive.

Q. Statement: These apples are too cheap to be good.

I. When the apple crop is abundant, the prices go down.
II. The lower the selling price, the inferior is the quality of the commodity.
III. Very cheap apples are also good.

Q. Statement: "All are cordially invited to attend the entertainment programme. It is free." - An announcement in a newspaper.

I. People generally do not go to entertainment programmes which are free.
II. Some people, though interested in entertainment programmes, cannot afford purchasing the tickets.
III. Generally, a free entertainment programme is of a good quality.

Q. Statement: Ravi decided to leave office at 4.00 p.m. to catch a flight to Bangalore departing at 6.00 p.m.

I. The flight to Bangalore may be delayed.
II. He may be able to reach airport well before 6.00 p.m.
III. He may get adequate time to search for a vehicle to go to the airport.

Q. Statement: "Put. a notice on the board that all the employees should come on time to office." - An officer tells his assistant.

I. All the employees come late.
II. Employees read such notice on the board.
III. Employees will follow the instructions.

Q. Statement: In order to reduce the gap between income and expenditure, the company has decided to increase the price of its product from next month.

I. The rate will remain more or less same after the increase.
II. The expenditure will more or less remain the same in near future.
III. The rival companies will also increase the price of the similar product.

Q. Statement: 'Several labour and industrial courts in this State have no proper premises. Vacancies of judges and stenos are kept pending.' - A statement of a retired judge of State X.

I. Adequate number of staff and judges helps in the smooth functioning of the industrial and labour courts.
II. The State is not bothered about the condition of the labour and industrial courts.
III. Physical facilities of an office help in increasing efficiency of its employees.

Q. Statement: "A rare opportunity to be a professional while you are at home." - An advertisement for computer literate housewives by a computer company.

I. Some housewives simultaneously desire to become professional.
II. Computer industry is growing at a fast pace.
III. It is possible to be a professional as well as a housewife.

Q. Statement: Pramod decided to get the railway reservation in May, for the journey he wants to make in July, to Madras.

I. The railways issues reservations two months in advance.
II. There are more than one trains to Madras.
III. There will be vacancy in the desired class.

Q. Statement: "To make the company commercially viable, there is an urgent need to prune the staff strength and borrow money from the financial institutions." - Opinion of a consultant.

I. The financial institutions lend money for such proposals.
II. The product of the company has a potential market.
III. The employees of the company are inefficient.

Q. Statement: The university Authority has decided to decentralize conduct of terminal examinations and give this responsibility to each college for its students to avoid delay in declaration of results.

I. The colleges are equipped to carry out this responsibility.
II. There may not be uniformity in evaluation standard across the colleges.
III. The students may welcome this new development.

Q. Statement: Ten candidates, who were on the waiting list, could finally be admitted to the course.

I. Wait-listed candidates do not ordinarily get admission.
II. A large number of candidates were on the waiting list.
III. The number of candidates to be admitted is small.

Q. Statement: The successful man has the ability to judge himself correctly.

I. Inability to judge correctly causes failure.
II. To judge others is of no use to a successful man.
III. The successful man cannot make a wrong judgement.

Q. Statement: A State Government suspended two additional district judges.

I. They were negligent in discharging duties.
II. There was a charge of misconduct against them.
III. The government officials were biased against them.

Q. Statement: Bill Clinton is the second democrat to be re-elected as President of America, the other being the legendary Roosevelt.

I. Clinton has the same qualities that Roosevelt had.
II. The majority of people in America have faith in Clinton.
III. The election campaign of Clinton's rivals was not impressive.

Q. Statement: "As our business is expanding, we need to appoint more staff." Owner of a company informs his staff.

I. The present staff is not competent.
II. More staff will further expand the business.
III. Suitable persons to be taken as staff will be available.

Q. Statement: The address of the Principal to the students, "Dear students, if you want a healthy mind, listen to music."

I. Normally students like to follow good advice.
II. It is desirable to develop a healthy mind.
III. It is the duty of the Principal to advise the students.

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