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The following data is available at the proposed site of a canal crossing. The most appropriate and economical CD work at the above site will be:
Answer: (d).A siphon
Answer: (b).Super passage and Syphon
The canal water flows freely under gravity in which of the following CD works?
Answer: (a).Aqueduct and Super passage
A Super passage is the reverse of ______________
Answer: (b).aqueduct
Answer: (d).For siphoning small discharges, barrels are adopted
Which CD work is generally adopted when the drainage discharge is small and the drain crosses the canal with its bed level equal to or slightly higher than the canal FSL?
Answer: (c).Inlets and outlets
The drainage water is sometimes allowed to join the canal water to augment canal supplies through a hydraulic structure is called as ________________
Answer: (b).canal inlet
The crossing arrangement preferably made at the junction of a huge canal and a river stream carrying a short-lived high flood discharge at almost equal bed levels is a __________
Answer: (c).level crossing
Answer: (b).the bottom floor
Answer: (d).During heavy floods, the foundations are susceptible to scour or waterway of the drain may get choked
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