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Group of cells, which is similar in structure and function are structured into___________
Answer: (d).Tissues
Group of cells, which has a common embryonic origin and function have been characterized as tissues.
Answer: (a).True
Name the tissues that are involved in the formation of membranes.
Answer: (a).Epithelial tissue
What is the name of the tissues which helps in protection and support of the body?
Answer: (c).Connective tissue
Name the tissues which detect changes inside and outside the body and respond by action potential?
Answer: (d).Nervous tissue
Which of the following tissues helps in the movement of body structure?
Answer: (b).Muscular tissue
Which of the following does not belong to the class of covering and lining epithelium?
Answer: (b).Glandular epithelium
Name the epithelium which consists of two or more than two layers of cells that protect the core tissues?
Answer: (c).Stratified epithelium
Answer: (a).Secretion is done only by a group of cells
Most abundant and widely distributed tissues of the body is___________
Answer: (d).Connective tissue
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