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Que. A composite slab consists of 5 cm thick layer of steel (k = 146 kJ/m hr degree) on the left side and a 6 cm thick layer of brass (k = 276 kJ/m hr degree) on the right hand side. The outer surfaces of the steel and brass are maintained at 100 degree Celsius and 50 degree Celsius. The contact between the two slabs is perfect and heat is generated at the rate of 4.2 * 10⁵ k J/m² hr at the plane of contact. The heat thus generated is dissipated from both sides of composite slab for steady state conditions. Calculate the temperature at the interface
a. 115.26 degree celsius
b. 125.26 degree celsius
c. 135.26 degree celsius
d. 145.26 degree celsius
Correct Answer:125.26 degree celsius
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