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Que. In Cartesian coordinates the heat conduction equation is given by
a. d²t/dx² + d²t/dy2 + d²t/dz2 + q g = (1/α) (d t/d T)
b. 2d²t/dx² + d²t/dy2 + d²t/dz2 + 34q g = (d t/d T)
c. d²t/dx² + 3d²t/dy2 + d²t/dz2 = (1/α) (d t/d T)
d. 4d²t/dx² + d²t/dy2 + d²t/dz2 + 1/2q g = (1/α) (d t/d T)
Correct Answer:d²t/dx² + d²t/dy2 + d²t/dz2 + q g = (1/α) (d t/d T)
Jommell001 :(September 21, 2021) dt/dT is reverse

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