Statement: Beware of dogs, our dogs do not bark, but they are trained to distinguish between genuine guests and intruders.

I. Barking dogs bite rarely.
II. Our dogs could be dangerous for intruders.


Only assumption I is implicit


Only assumption II is implicit


Either I or II is implicit


Neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: (b).Only assumption II is implicit

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Q. Statement: Beware of dogs, our dogs do not bark, but they are trained to distinguish between genuine guests and intruders. Assumptions: I. Barking dogs bite rarely. II. Our...

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Q. Statement: The government has set up a fact finding mission to look into the possible reasons for the recent violence in the area.

I. The mission may be able to come up with credible information about the incidents.
II. The people in the area may cooperate with the mission and come forward to give detailed information related to the incidents.

Q. Statement: I cannot contact you on phone from Karshik.

I. Telephone facility is not available at Karshik.
II. Nowadays it is difficult to contact on phone.

Q. Statement: I have written several letters to the branch manager regarding my account in the bank but did not receive any reply so far.

I. Branch manager is expected to read letters received from the customer.
II. Branch manager is expected to reply to the letters received from the customers.

Q. Statement: "Use our product to improve memory of our child. It is based on natural herbs and has no harmful side effects." - An advertisement of a pharmaceutical company.

I. People generally opt for a medical product which is useful and has no harmful side effects.
II. Improving memory of child is considered as important by many parents.

Q. Statement: "If I am not well you will have to go for the meeting." - A manager tells his subordinate.

I. It is not necessary that only manager level personnel attend the meeting.
II. If the manager is well, he would himself like to go for the meeting.

Q. Statement: Please consult us before making any decision on investment.

I. You may take a wrong decision if you don't consult us.
II. It is important to take a right decision.

Q. Statement: The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of a school has informed the Principal that they will not send their children to the school unless the school - authority reduces the fees with immediate effect.

Majority of the parents may agree with the PTA and may not send their wards with the school
The school authority may accede to the demand of the PTA and reduce the fees.

Q. Statement: "Those who are appearing for this examination for the first time should be helped in filling up the form." - An instruction to invigilating staff.

I. The form is somewhat complicated.
II. Candidates can appear more than once for this examination.

Q. Statement: Success is how much a person bounces up after hitting the bottom.

I. Success requires conscious efforts without being discouraged by failure.
II. Failure cannot be considered an acceptable thing.

Q. Statement: The company has the right to reject any application form without furnishing any reason while sorting the list of candidates for interview - A condition mentioned in the employment notice.

I. It is desirable to call only eligible candidates for interview.
II. The company believes in following impartial practice in all its functions.

Q. Statement: The city bus transport corporation has decided to change routes of three buses plying between paints A and B in the city to make them economically viable.

I. These buses may get more passengers on the revised routes.
II. Many people residing on the old routes may not avail bus services.

Q. Statement: The patient's condition would improve after operation.

I. The patient can be operated upon in this condition.
II. The patient cannot be operated upon in this condition.

Q. Statement: Provide mid-day meals to the children in primary schools to increase the number of students attending schools.

I. Mid-day meals will attract the children to the schools.
II. Those children who are otherwise deprived of good food will attend the schools.

Q. Statement: This year most of the shops and departmental stores are offering prizes and discounts on purchases to attract customers.

I. The shops and departmental stores have so far earned a lot of profit, so now they have started sharing it with the customers.
II. Lots of goods are available but the sale is not shooting up. There is no cheer for the customers.

Q. Statement: In case of any difficulty about this case, you may contact our company's lawyer.

I. Each company has a lawyer of its own.
II. The company's lawyer is thoroughly briefed about this case.

Q. Statement: Imprisonment for 27 years made Nelson Mandela, the President.

I. Only who will be imprisoned for 27 years will become the President.
II. To become the President, imprisonment is a qualification.

Q. Statement: Nobody can predict as to how long our country would take to contain the unfortunate and disastrous terrorist activities.

I. It is impossible to put on end to terrorist activities
II. Efforts to control the terrorist activities are on.

Q. Statement: The management of XYZ Pvt. Ltd. asked the workers' union to call off strike immediately otherwise the management would be forced to close down the factory.

I. No alternative other than closing down the factory is left for the management of XYZ Pvt. Ltd
II. Such threat may have some effect on the workers' union.

Q. Statement: The end of a financial year is the ideal time to take a look at the performance of various companies.

I. All the companies take such a review at the end of a financial year.
II. The performance data of various companies is available.

Q. Statement: The party president has directed that no member of the party will give press briefing or interviews to governments and private T.V. channels about the discussion in scheduled meeting of the party.

I. Party members will observe this directive of the president.
II. The general public will not come to know about the happenings in the scheduled meeting of the party.

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