Statement: The end of a financial year is the ideal time to take a look at the performance of various companies.

I. All the companies take such a review at the end of a financial year.
II. The performance data of various companies is available.


Only assumption I is implicit


Only assumption II is implicit


Either I or II is implicit


Both I and II are implicit

Answer: (d).Both I and II are implicit

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Q. Statement: The end of a financial year is the ideal time to take a look at the performance of various companies. Assumptions: I. All the companies take such a review at the...

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Q. Statement: The party president has directed that no member of the party will give press briefing or interviews to governments and private T.V. channels about the discussion in scheduled meeting of the party.

I. Party members will observe this directive of the president.
II. The general public will not come to know about the happenings in the scheduled meeting of the party.

Q. Statement: "Please do not wait for me, I may be late, start taking lunch as soon as the guests arrive. - A message from a Director of a Company to his office managers.

I. Keeping guests waiting is not desirable.
II. Lunch may not be ready in time.

Q. Statement: If you have any problems, bring them to me.

I. You have some problems.
II. I can solve any problem.

Q. Statement: A sentence in the letter to the candidates called for written examination - 'You have to bear your expenses on travel etc'.

I. If not clarified all the candidates may claim reimbursement of expenses.
II. Many organizations reimburse expenses on travel to candidates called for written examination.

Q. Statement: The State Government has abolished the scheme of providing concessional air ticket to students.

I. Students will not travel by air in future.
II. The students who resort to travel by air can bear the expenses of air ticket.

Q. Statement: "To buy a X - T.V, contact Y - the sole agent of X-T.V." - An advertisement.

I. People generally prefer to buy T.V. through sole agent.
II. The T.V. producing companies do not sell their products directly.

Q. Statement: Why don't you invite Anthony for the Christmas party this year?

I. Anthony is not from the same city.
II. Unless invited Anthony will not attend the party.

Q. Statement: Sachin wrote to his brother at Bangalore to collect personally the application form from the University for the Post-graduation Course in Mathematics.

I. The University may issue application forms to a person other than the prospective student.
II. Sachin's brother may receive the letter well before the last date of collecting application forms.

Q. Statement: "Apply nets on windows to prevent the entrance of mosquitoes in the house."

I. The entering of mosquitoes from entrances other than windows is desirable.
II. Nets are not available to apply on doors.

Q. Statement: Among all the articles, the prices of personal computers show the highest decline from June 2005 to December 2005.

I. Comparative prices of all the articles in June and December 2005 were available.
II. Prices of personal computers were higher in the first six months than the last six months of 2005.

Q. Statement: Most people who stop smoking gain weight.

I. If one stops smoking, one will gain weight.
II. If one does not stop smoking, one will not gain weight.

Q. Statement: Many historians have done more harm than good by distorting truth.

I. People believe what is reported by the historians.
II. Historians are seldom expected to depict the truth.

Q. Statement: "As there is a great demand, every person seeking tickets of the programme will be given only five tickets."

I. The organizers are not keen on selling the tickets.
II. No one is interested in getting more than five tickets.

Q. Statement: "Computer education should start at schools itself."

I. Learning computers is easy.
II. Computer education fetches jobs easily.

Q. Statement: If he is intelligent, he will pass the examination.

I. To pass, he must be intelligent.
II. He will pass the examination.

Q. Statement: Today I must satisfy myself only by looking at a pink headed duck in an encyclopaedia.

I. Pink headed ducks are as good as extinct now.
II. People refer to encyclopaedia to know only about things which do not exist now.

Q. Statement: The Principal instructed all the teachers to be careful in class because some students may disturb other students.

I. The teachers will handle the situation properly and they will point out the naughty students.
II. The students will welcome the decision of the Principal.

Q. Statement: The present examination system needs overhauling thoroughly.

I. The present examination system is obsolete.
II. Overhauling results in improvement.

Q. Statement: Read this book to get detailed and most comprehensive information on this issue.

I. The person who wants this information can read.
II. There are other books available on this issue.

Q. Statement: Traffic jams on most of the roads in the city have become a regular feature during monsoon.

I. Material used for road construction cannot withstand the fury of monsoon resulting into innumerable pot holes on the roads.
II. Number of vehicles coming on the roads is much more in monsoon as compared to other seasons.

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