Statement: The entire north India, including Delhi and the neighbouring states remained 'powerless' the whole day of 19th December as the northern grid supplying electricity to the seven states collapsed yet again.

I. The northern grid had collapsed earlier.
II. The grid system of providing electricity to a group of states is an ineffective type of power supply system.


Only assumption I is implicit


Only assumption II is implicit


Either I or II is implicit


Neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: (a).Only assumption I is implicit

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Q. Statement: The entire north India, including Delhi and the neighbouring states remained 'powerless' the whole day of 19th December as the northern grid supplying electricity to...

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Q. Statement: Believe me, I have read it in newspaper X.

I. Newspaper X gives reliable information/news.
II. I am reporting exactly as it is given in newspaper X.

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I. Fluency in English is a pre-requisite for good performance as a model.
II. Height does not matter in performing as a model.

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I. Travelling by air has become a status symbol now.
II. Large numbers of peoples are able to afford air travel now.

Q. Statement: "Blue tie would help us identify our staff from others." - A suggestion in a company.

I. The company needs to identify its staff.
II. Blue tie is the latest fashion.

Q. Statement: "In the recently imposed war, global public opinion was dishonoured by the economically strong and scientifically advanced superpower."

I. Superpowers need not take any heed of global public opinion.
II. Global public opinion must have been against the imposition of war.

Q. Statement: How is it that the village is not shown in this so-called official map of this district?

I. The official district map is expected to show all the villages of that district.
II. This is not an authentic and official map.

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I. The price of essential commodities has gone up in recent times.
II. Many luxury goods are available in plenty in the country.

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I. Appointment of faculty requires funds.
II. There are areas other than appointment of faculty which require more financial attention.

Q. Statement: The economic condition of the country has gone from bad to worse.

I. The government has failed to tackle economic problems.
II. People are not cooperating with the government.

Q. Statement: A Notice Board at a ticket window: Please come in queue.'

I. Unless instructed people will not form queue.
II. People any way want to purchase tickets.

Q. Statement: Children, who get encouragement, usually perform better. - A note by the Principal to the parents.

I. Some parents do not encourage children.
II. Parents may follow Principal's advice.

Q. Statement: "According to me, you should get your child examined by a specialist doctor." - A tells B.

I. Specialist doctors are able to diagnose better than ordinary doctors.
II. B will certainly not agree with A's advice.

Q. Statement: The government is making efforts to boost tourism in State X.

I. Tourism in State X dropped following political unrest.
II. Special discounts in the air fare have been announced.

Q. Statement: "Best way to solve this problem of workers' dissatisfaction is to offer them cash rewards. If this type of incentive can solve the problem in CIDCO Company then why not here." - A Personnel Manager tells the Chairman of a company.

I. The reason for workers' dissatisfaction in both the companies was similar.
II. Monetary incentives have universal appeal.

Q. Statement: The General Administration Department has issued a circular to all the employees informing them that henceforth the employees can avail their lunch break at any of the half-hour slots between 1.00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m.

I. The employees may welcome the decision and avail lunch break at different time's slots.
II. There may not be any break in the work of the organization as the employees will have their lunch break at different time slots.

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I. Valuables locked in cupboard cannot be stolen.
II. Stealing is a crime.

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