Statement: In Bombay, railway trains are indispensable for people in the suburbs to reach their places of work on time.

I. Railway trains are the only mode of transport available in the suburbs of Bombay.
II. Only railway trains run punctually.


Only assumption I is implicit


Only assumption II is implicit


Either I or II is implicit


Neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: (b).Only assumption II is implicit

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Q. Statement: In Bombay, railway trains are indispensable for people in the suburbs to reach their places of work on time. Assumptions: I. Railway trains are the only mode of...

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Q. Statement: The government has decided to reduce its subsidy on LPG; however the subsidy on kerosene remains unchanged.

I. Those people who buy LPG can afford to purchase LPG for a higher price.
II. Many people may stop buying LPG and instead use kerosene.

Q. Statement: It is not true that the mightiest superpower always wins wars and gets accolades from other countries.

I. Winners are sometimes admired and appreciated.
II. Winners are occasionally criticized.

Q. Statement: To investigate the murder of the lone resident of a flat, the police interrogated the domestic servant, the watchman of the multi-storeyed buildings and the liftman.

I. The domestic servant, watchman and the liftman can give a clue about the suspected murder.
II. Generally in such cases the persons known to the resident are directly or indirectly involved in the murder.

Q. Statement: The integrated steel plants in India would no longer have to depend on imports for continuous casting refractories.

I. Continuous casting refractories are needed by India.
II. Continuous casting refractories are in demand.

Q. Statement: Equality of income throughout a community is the essential condition for maximising the total utility which the total income available could confer on the members of that community.

I. If extra income were taken from the rich and given to the poor, the total utility experienced by the community would increase.
II. Equal pay for equal work.

Q. Statement: "Present day education is in shambles and the country is going to the dogs."

I. A good education system is essential for the well-being of a nation.
II. A good education alone is sufficient for the well-being of a nation.

Q. Statement: If the city bus which runs between Ram Nagar and Sant Colony is extended to Vasant Vihar, it will be convenient. - Appeal of residents of Ram Nagar to the city bus company.

I. The convenience of the city bus company is much more important than the needs of the consumers.
II. The city bus company is indifferent to the aspirations of the residents of Sant Colony.

Q. Statement: If Rajan has finished reading the instructions, then let him begin the activities accordingly.

I. Rajan would understand the instructions.
II. Rajan is capable of performing the activities.

Q. Statement: The civic authority appealed to the people for reduction in usage of water as there may be an acute shortage during the coming weeks.

I. There will be no rain in recent future.
II. The people are ready to follow the advice of the civic authority.

Q. Statement: Sachin's mother instructed him to return home by train if it rains heavily.

I. Sachin may not be able to decide himself if it rains heavily.
II. The trains may ply even if it rains heavily.

Q. Statement: "Please put more people on the job to make up for the delay."

I. Delay is inevitable in most jobs.
II. Output will increase with more number of people on the job.

Q. Statement: In spite of less than normal rainfall in the catchment areas during the first two months of monsoon of the lakes supplying water to the city the authority has not yet affected any cut in the water supply to the city.

I. The rainfall during the remaining part of the monsoon may be adequate for normal water supply.
II. The present water level of the lakes supplying water to the city may be adequate for normal supply.

Q. Statement: If you are an engineer, we have a challenging job for you.

I. We need an engineer.
II. You are an engineer.

Q. Statement: In spite of poor services, the commutators have not complained against it.

I. Generally people do not tolerate poor services.
II. Complaints sometimes improve services.

Q. Statement: The improvement in the quality of T.V. programmes will lead to increase in the sales of T.V.

I. T.V. is a good entertainment medium.
II. The quality of T.V, programmes has improved recently.

Q. Statement: With a sense of sincerity, quality teachers can improve the society.

I. Quality teachers are sincere.
II. Sincerity in teaching pays.

Q. Statement: The head of the organization congratulated the entire staff in his speech for their sincere effort to bring down the deficit and urged them to give their best for attaining a more profitable position in future.

I. The employees may get motivated and maintain and if possible enhance their present level of work.
II. The employees may now relax and slow down in their day to day work as there is no immediate threat of huge deficit.

Q. Statement: Money is the root cause of all the problems in a family.

I. Every problem is caused by something.
II. There are always some problems in a family.

Q. Statement: An advertisement: "Our shoes are for the rich."

I. Many people like to be labelled as rich.
II. One can't become rich unless one has that brand of shoes.

Q. Statement: In view of the violent situation due to students' agitation the state government has decided to close down all the educational institutions in the state for two weeks with immediate effect.

I. The students' agitation may subside after two weeks.
II. The students may not find a place to come further and continue agitation after the closure of the educational institutions.

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