Statement: The company has recently announced a series of incentives to the employees who are punctual and sincere.

I. Those who are not punctual at present may get motivated by the announcement.
II. The productivity of the company may increase.
III. The profit earned by the company may be more than the amount to be spent for the incentive programmes.


Only I and II are implicit


None is implicit


Only II and III are implicit


All are implicit

Answer: (a).Only I and II are implicit

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Q. Statement: The company has recently announced a series of incentives to the employees who are punctual and sincere. Assumptions: I. Those who are not punctual at present may...

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Q. Statement: The economic condition continues to be critical even after a good harvest season.

I. The economic condition was not critical before the harvest season.
II. The economic condition could not have improved without a good harvest season.
III. The economic condition was expected to improve after a good harvest season.

Q. Statement: "If you are a mechanical engineer, we want you as our supervisor." - An advertisement by Company X.

I. Mechanical engineers are expected to be better performers by Company X.
II. The Company X needs supervisors.
III. Mechanical engineers may get attracted and apply to Company X.

Q. Statement: "Use Riya cold cream for fair complexion." - An advertisement.

I. People like to use cream for fair complexion.
II. People are easily fooled.
III. People respond to advertisements.

Q. Statement: Quality of life of a person is not dependent only on his wealth.

I. The aim of most people is just to acquire more wealth.
II. There are some factors other than wealth which contribute to the quality of life.
III. Wealth does not contribute to the quality of life at all.

Q. Statement: The civic authority has decided that all the factories located inside the city limits be shifted outside to reduce the level of environmental pollution in the city.

I. The pollution level in the city in future may reduce after these factories are shifted outside the city limit.
II. Enough usable land is available outside the city limit for these factories.
III. Many of these factories may shift to some other smaller towns to remain profitable.

Q. Statement: State Council For Teacher Education (SCTE) has laid down guidelines in respect of minimum qualifications for a person to be employed as a teacher in universities or in recognised institutions.

I. The authorities will now appoint only qualified teachers.
II. Only qualified people will apply for the teaching post.
III. SCTE decides all the norms of educational qualifications for teaching faculty.

Q. Statement: The X passenger car manufacturing company announced a sharp reduction in the prices of its luxury cars.

I. There may be an increase in the sale of luxury cars of Company X.
II. The other such car manufacturers may also reduce their prices.
III. The competitor companies may not reduce their prices.

Q. Statement: "Buy pure and natural honey of company X." - An advertisement in a newspaper.

I. Artificial honey can be prepared.
II. People do not mind paying more for pure and natural honey.
III. No other company supplies pure honey.

Q. Statement: Unable to manage with the present salary, Arun has decided to join another company.

I. The new company has better work environment.
II. The present company offers moderate pay packets.
III. The new company offers higher salary to all its employees.

Q. Statement: The employees association has appealed to the Managers of Company Z to introduce written examinations for clerical cadre recruitment to prevent selection of incompetent persons.

I. So far the Company Z used to select candidates without conducting a written examination.
II. A written examination can help to identify competent persons.
III. At higher level, written examination may not be of much use.

Q. Statement: To improve the employment situation in India, there is a need to recast the present educational system towards implementation of scientific discoveries in daily life.

I. The students after completing such education may be able to earn their livelihood.
II. This may bring meaning of education in the minds of the youth.
III. The state may earn more revenue as more and more people will engage themselves in self-employment.

Q. Statement: The professor announced in the class that the next periodical examination will be held on 15th of the next month.

I. All the students may appear in the examination.
II. The college will remain open on 15th of the next month.
III. The students can study till 15th of the next month to pass the examination.

Q. Statement: The situation of this area still continues to be tense and out of control. People are requested to be in their homes only.

I. There had been some serious incidents.
II. People will not go to the office.
III. Normalcy will be restored shortly.

Q. Statement: "Television X - the neighbour's envy, the owner's pride" - A T.V. advertisement.

I. Catchy slogans appeal to people.
II. People are envious of their neighbours superior possessions.
III. People want to be envied by their neighbours.

Q. Statement: Keeping in view the financial constraints, the management institution has decided to charge at the time of providing employment in various organisations, a placement fee of Rs. 25000 from the organisations in which the student will be provided the employment.

I. It will help in increasing the demand of the students belonging to the management institution.
II. The amount collected in this way will be purposeful.
III. It may be possible that the organisation providing employment may select less number of students in future.

Q. Statement: "Z-T.V, the only T.V. which gives the viewers a chance to watch two programmes simultaneously." - An advertisement.

I. Sale of Z-T.V will increase because of the advertisement.
II. Some people may be influenced by the advertisement and buy Z-T.V.
III. The sale of Z-T.V. may be on the downward trend.

Q. Statement: The Central Government has directed the State Governments to reduce government expenditure in view of the serious resource crunch and it may not be able to sanction any additional grant to the states for the next six months.

I. The State Governments are totally dependent on Central Government for its expenditures.
II. The Central Government has reviewed the expenditure account of the State Government.
III. The State Governments will abide by the directive.

Q. Statement: These apples are too cheap to be good.

I. When the apple crop is abundant, the prices go down.
II. The lower the selling price, the inferior is the quality of the commodity.
III. Very cheap apples are also good.

Q. Statement: "All are cordially invited to attend the entertainment programme. It is free." - An announcement in a newspaper.

I. People generally do not go to entertainment programmes which are free.
II. Some people, though interested in entertainment programmes, cannot afford purchasing the tickets.
III. Generally, a free entertainment programme is of a good quality.

Q. Statement: Ravi decided to leave office at 4.00 p.m. to catch a flight to Bangalore departing at 6.00 p.m.

I. The flight to Bangalore may be delayed.
II. He may be able to reach airport well before 6.00 p.m.
III. He may get adequate time to search for a vehicle to go to the airport.

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