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All mutations result in the production of a mutant.
Answer: (b).False
Which of the following is not a point mutation?
Answer: (b).Transposition
‘Delicious apples’ can’t be propagated through_____________
Answer: (c).Seed
Which of the following harmful mutations will have the most severe effect in the progeny?
Answer: (c).Mutation in sperm mother cells
The number of times a particular mutation occurs in a population of cells or individuals is known as __________
Answer: (b).Mutation frequency
Total number of transition and transversion that can take place in genome is___________
Answer: (d).4 and 8
Sickle cell anemia is a result of _______________
Answer: (b).Mis-sense mutation
A frame shift mutation will have minimum effect when it leads to ______________
Answer: (c).Insertion of 3 bases
Wooble base recognition of the tRNAs in translation ignores which of the mutation?
Answer: (c).Silent
Answer: (c).Replacement of Lys by Arg
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