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In the situation of bankruptcy, the stock which is recorded above common stock and below debt account is
Answer: (b).preferred stock
If security pays $5,000 in 20 years with 7% annual interest rate, the PV of security by using formula is
Answer: (b).1292.10 dollars
An interest rate which is quoted by brokers, banks and other financial institutions is classified as
Answer: (c).nominal rate
A company that sells products to customer without demanding immediate payment but record it in balance sheet as
Answer: (b).account receivable
The nominal rate which is quoted to consumers on the loans is considered as
Answer: (a).annual percentage rate
An inventory recording in balance sheet includes
Answer: (d).both a and b
The values recorded as determined in the marketplace are considered as
Answer: (a).market values
A type of security payment in which payments are made at equal intervals of time and each payment amount is same is classified as
Answer: (c).annuity
The financial securities that can be converted into cash at closing to their book value price are classified as
Answer: (c).cash equivalents
The discounted cash flow analysis is also classified as
Answer: (b).time value of money
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