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The value of transmissivity may vary from
Answer: (a).0-1
Of the radiant energy 350W/m² incident upon a surface 250W/m² is absorbed, 60W/m² is reflected and the remainder is transmitted through the surface. Workout the value for absorptivity for the surface material
Answer: (c).0.115
“Transmissivity can also be defined as ratio of transmitted radiation to that of incident energy flow”. True or false
Answer: (b).False
A cavity with a small hole will always behave as a
Answer: (c).Black body
Answer: (d).4 * 10¯⁷ to 1.4 * 10¯⁴ micron meter
Answer: (a).Fraction of total energy transmitted by the body
A polished metal pipe 5 cm outside diameter and 370 K temperature at the outer surface is exposed to ambient conditions at 295 K temperature. The emissivity of the surface is 0.2 and the convection coefficient of heat transfer is 11.35 W/m² degree. Calculate the overall coefficient of heat transfer by the combined mode of convection and radiation
Answer: (c).13.04 W/m² degree
Radiant energy with an intensity of 800 W/m² strikes a flat plate normally. The absorptivity is thrice the reflectivity and twice the transmissivity. Determine the rate of transmission
Answer: (b).145.47 W/m²
With respect to incident radiation, transmissivity varies with
Answer: (d).Wavelength
A body through which all the incident radiations passes, is called
Answer: (c).Transparent body
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