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The type of distribution which is useful when the occurrences of events are constant is classified as
Answer: (c).rectangular distribution
The probability of failure in binomial distribution is denoted by
Answer: (d).q = 1 - p
The variance of binomial probability distribution is larger in value if
Answer: (b).p and q are equal
If the random samples are drawn without replacement and the population from which samples are drawn is infinite then the method which is not applicable is
Answer: (b).hyper geometric probability distribution
The value which is used to measure the distance between mean and random variable x in terms of standard deviation is called
Answer: (a).z-value
The type of probability distribution whose standard deviation is one and the mean is equal to zero is classified as
Answer: (b).standard normal probability distribution
Answer: (c).mean in Poisson distribution
The formula of variance of uniform or rectangular distribution is as
Answer: (b).(b + a)² ⁄ 12
The probability distribution having shape of bell and in which the values of mean lies in center of probability distribution is classified as
Answer: (b).normal distribution
The formula of calculating the variance for negative binomial distribution is
Answer: (a).rq ⁄ p²
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