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The deliberate modifications of an organism's genetic information by directly changing its nucleic acid content is a subject matter of
Answer: (a).genetic engineering
Answer: (c).the application of high voltage pulses
Which of the following is obtained using processed mRNA molecules as a template?
Answer: (c).cDNA
Answer: (c).molecules that are able to covalently bond to and carry foreign DNA into cells
Answer: (b).To degrade invading phage DNA
The piece of equipment, that introduces DNA into cells via DNA-coated microprojectiles is known as
Answer: (c).gene gun
An animal, that has gained new genetic information from the acquisition of foreign DNA, is considered as
Answer: (b).a transgenic animal
Answer: (b).the DNA polymerases of these bacteria can withstand the high temperatures needed to denature the DNA strands
Which of the following is not commonly used as vector?
Answer: (c).Fungi
A short molecule containing 2-20 nucleotide is
Answer: (c).oligonucleotide
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