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The factors influence innovation's rate of adoption are
Answer: (d).all of above
According to brand personality traits, the 'sincerity' is concluded as brand being
Answer: (c).cheerful and wholesome
The segmentation based on climate basis is an example of
Answer: (a).geographic segmentation
The group which adopts innovation only after it becomes a tradition is classified as
Answer: (c).laggard
The company marketing mix that target market segments very broadly is called
Answer: (a).mass marketing
The 'limited fit' between customer needs and company's product is shown by
Answer: (a).Barnacles
The approach of message execution which follows format of style, tone, words and format to execute message of advertising is classified as
Answer: (d).execution style
The firm providing marketing services such as assisting different companies in preparing, planning, implementing and evaluating the advertising programs is called
Answer: (a).advertising agency
The type of market offerings that customers buy without committing any buying efforts are called
Answer: (c).convenience products
Answer: (a).Suppliers & consumers
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